Top Wiping Rags for Schools

When it comes to keeping our schools clean, janitorial and custodial crews have their jobs cut out for them.  

Schools and universities require an enormous amount of cleaning products to keep their large facilities safe and clean. A&A Wiping Cloth has been supplying schools and school districts for decades in California and many states across the United States.

The busy nature of a school environment filled with large amounts of students requires a strict cleaning and maintenance schedule that has become as important as ever with the introduction of COVID 19. Having the right supplies is just as important.





Recycled Turkish Terry Cloth

If you're cleaning up a major mess, a white recycled turkish terry or a colored turkish terry gets the job done. They are a proven winner when you need great absorption for large spills.

Color Thermal Blankets

For smaller spills, we suggest color thermal blankets for their absorption qualities. A cost effective rag that can be used for all forms of liquid clean up. They are thick and bulky and still very soft, making them an ideal choice for custodial crews.

Microfiber Products

Microfiber is a great all around cleaner for a school environment. The most popular choice is our 16” x 16” towel, available in multiple colors. A&A Wiping Cloth also provides microfiber tube mops and disposable microfiber rags, as well as all the hardware needed to mop and dust the floors.

New Terry Bar Mops

When we talk about schools we are essentially thinking about all the surface space items like desks, tables, counters and so on. For these surfaces we suggest our new white terry bar mops. They can be used just about anywhere, and can be washed and reused numerous times.

If you are in charge of your school maintenance and cleaning needs, please give us a call to discuss any products we have to offer. Samples can be mailed upon request!