All Color Wipers

    Color wipers are generally less expensive than white, and we’ve got
    a lot to choose from.

    Blue Knit Sheeting

    from $11.00

    Blue Knit Sheeting are dependable colored wipers made from recycled cotton blend knitted sheets. While they are not 100% cotton, they are soft and uniform in size. Light weight and...

    Color Flannel

    from $15.00

    Thank goodness the grunge music scene is over because we got all of the flannel shirts. Color Flannel wipers are cut from soft, cotton shirts and pajamas, which makes them...

    Color Sweatshirt

    from $14.00

    This is what happened to your hoodie. It’s that simple. Fleece material cut to wiper size from colored sweatshirts and sweatpants. Color Sweatshirt is a thick, soft, and strong wiper...

    Color Table Linens

    from $9.80

    These Colored Table Linens come from industrial laundries that specialize in restaurant supply, which means they have been washed many times, making them more absorbent. They are a combination of...

    Color Thermal Blankets

    from $21.00

    Not to be confused with thermal underwear, our Color Thermal Blankets comes from recycled cotton colored blankets. They are thick, bulky and are conducive to absorbing large quantities of liquid....

    Color Wipettes

    from $14.00

    This wiper goes by many names. Shoddy, spill wipes, economy turkish, distressed terry. We simply like to call the little fellas Color Wipettes. They are drawn from distressed recycled terry...

    Hospital Gowns

    from $12.00

    Hospital Gowns are just that…Hospital Gowns. Soft, cotton blend, light-weight and absorbent due to their many washes, they are cut into large pieces and void of snaps, buttons and ties....

    Industrial Color

    from $10.20

    These inexpensive colored rags are specifically suited to clean a lot of different greases, oils and other industrial lubricants, solvents, and cleaners. Light weight and disposable, you get a lot...

    Microfiber Disposable SmartRags 12x12


    Looking for a less expensive Microfiber cloth? Something that you can use a few times and not feel guilty throwing it away? Look no further!! These SmartRags come in an...

    Microfiber Fringe Dust Mops Canvas Back

    from $75.00

    When it comes to dry floor cleaning, our Microfiber Fringe Dust Mops accumulate dust, debris and dirt particles like no other. Soft and durable, they can be laundered up to...

    Microfiber Looped Wet Mops

    from $92.00

    Like a hot knife through butter, our Microfiber Looped Wet Mops glide easily across various floor surfaces. Whether you have wood, tile or stone floors, these mops will keep them...

    Microfiber Towels

    from $49.00

    Microfiber Towels come in numerous colors, sizes, and weights…and we have them all. But most folks simply want the tried and true 45 gram 16×16 towel, and Blue, Green or...

    Microfiber Tube Mops

    from $156.00

    These bad boys can soak up a lot of liquid. Over 8 times their weight! When it comes to cleaning floors, these are the go to choice for Healthcare and...

    New Blue Surgical Towels

    from $49.50

    The ultimate janitorial towel. The LeBron James of wiping cloths. These are brand new and never used Blue Surgical Towels, sometimes referred to as waffle towels, which are 100% cotton,...

    Recycled Blue Surgical Towels

    from $29.00

    Blue recycled surgical towels are the ultimate janitorial towel. The LeBron James of wiping cloths. These are sanitized reclaimed and blue recycled surgical towels, which are sometimes referred to as...

    Recycled Color Knit Rags

    from $15.00

    Recycled Color Knit is the most widely used wiper in industrial applications. Soft, low-linting, absorbent, and good for just about any application. Cut from t-shirts and other knit apparel, these...

    Recycled Color Terry Towels

    from $18.40

    Like our recycled White Terry Towels, these Recycled Color Terry Towels are thick and fluffy, which is perfect for cleaning up spills. A multi-purpose wiper made from cut terry towels...

    Recycled Green Surgical Towels

    from $50.00

    The ultimate janitorial towel. The LeBron James of wiping cloths. These are sanitized Green Surgical Towels, sometimes referred to as waffle towels, which are 100% cotton, uniform in size, overlocked...

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