Rags for the Perfect Stain

To get the perfect stain you need a little bit of skill and you definitely need to have the proper supplies.  

The ideal outcome is a good looking stain with longevity. If you are new to staining, youtube is a great place to find techniques and information on applying a stain. There is some great information on top selected stains at the website: https://www.woodsmith.com/review/wood-stain/

When staining it’s important to use a rag that is low lint because you definitely don't want any fluff getting left behind. They also need to be non abrasive so they glide over the surface instead of getting hung up on knitting or hems. Finally, we also suggest a white wiper. You are definitely going to want to use a wiper with little to no bleed so the stain doesn’t get tainted.





White Flannel

White Flannel rags hold stain for a long time so they work good for larger areas. When anyone asks us what is the best rag for staining, polishing or dusting we always say White Flannel by a long shot. They are not overly absorbent to over soak through. They are made from thin cotton hospital blankets and are very soft, very smooth and consistent in size.

White Knit

Another very commonly used rag for staining purposes are knitted wipers because they leave behind little to no lint. Rags like new white knit or recycled white knit rags work great and are cost effective. They also are white so no need to worry about bleeding with these rags. White knit is soft, smooth and is made from cut t-shirt material.

Even More Options

Other popular staining rags amongst professionals are white sheeting, recycled cotton diapers, even white cotton napkins. These are purely personal preferences and can certainly be found in the tool kit of many stainers across the country.

We have details on all our wiping rags available on our website. But if you prefere, go ahead and give us a call and we’d be happy to provide more information.