The Basics

Wipers come in various shapes and sizes and are most often sold in boxes and bales. Need a 50 lb box? It’s here. A 25 lb box? Yes. How about a 25 lb compressed bale? Yup…got that too.

Sure we like to move the big stuff, but 5 and 10lb boxes are available as well. Here is our line-up:

  • 5 lb Box

  • 10 lb Box

  • 25 lb Box

  • 50 lb Box

  • 5 lb Bale

  • 10 lb Bale

  • 25 lb Bale

  • 50 lb Bale

1 lb, 2 lb, and dozen pack poly bags are also available.

The Benefits of the Bale

Looking for a space saving alternative to a cumbersome box? Then the compressed bale is ideal for you! These bales are available in 5, 10, 25, 50 lb bale blocks and take up approximately 45% less space. They are easier to handle, come in water resistant bags, and greatly reduce the amount of packaging waste.