The best cloths for fiberglass and windows leave no lint and do not streak. At A&A Wiping Cloth, we’ve got a various options to choose from for all your Fiberglass and Window Rag needs.

The cleaning of molds and other things related to the fiberglass industry require the right towel. Getting the right wiping cloth to get windows sparkling clean and without streaks is a top priority for window cleaners. You can easily purchase these specialty wipers from A&A Wiping Cloth. We know what you’re looking for.

For fiberglass work, non-woven HEF material is widely used. Recycled Color Knit is an ideal wiping cloth that can clean up glue and leave the fiberglass and work area clean. For window cleaning, A&A has you (and the windows) covered (and streak free). We supply widely used recycled Blue Surgical Towels (sometimes called Huck Towels) that are the go to choice for anyone working with windows, glass and mirrors. Green Surgical Towels are also highly sought after because they are a little thicker and have more texture to them. And then there are the New Blue Surgical Towels when only a brand new, 100% cotton, lint free rag will do. Some window cleaners even use White Sheeting. Whatever your preference, we have it!


Fiberglass + Window Wipers

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!