White Terry Towels - The Holy Grail of Absorption

The white terry towel is our highest absorbing rag, which makes it a great all around cleaning rag.  

When we think of White Terry Towels words like dependable, sturdy, long lasting and most importantly, absorption comes to mind. These rags do wonders on wet floors and other wet surfaces and are highly sought after across all industries.

White Terry Towels stand out from the rest.  

One of the great qualities of this rag is it is two sided. But aren’t all wiping cloths two sided? Actually, no. What we mean is that both sides have a looped texture which makes it such an incredible absorber. Nearly every piece is 100% cotton. Best of all, when it comes to absorption the looped texture simply soaks up vast more amounts of liquid than a standard rag. These towels also dry fast allowing for extended use throughout the day. The perfect wiping cloth for those everyday duties.

When it comes to longevity these wiping cloths take the prize. They are super sturdy and can take a decent amount of abuse. They can be washed and used over and over which helps make them an economical and dependable source. Even though they are tough and sturdy wiping cloth they are also prized for being lightweight, which does make a difference when you're using a wiping cloth throughout the day.

Recycled Color Terry Towels

Like our recycled White Terry Towels, these Recycled Color Terry Towels are thick and fluffy, which is perfect for cleaning up spills. A multi-purpose wiper made from cut terry towels and other terry material, they are a great choice for when cost is an issue and only terry will do.

New White Terry Bar Towel

This two-sided white terry bar towel is ideal for all forms of cleanup. They are new, uniformly sized and 100% cotton. This reusable white bar towel is highly absorbent due to it’s looped texture. Light weight and strong, bar towels are an extremely dependable wiper.

Recycled White Terry Towels

One of our most sought after products. These White Terry Towels are used for heavy duty cleanup, floor installation, and general all-purpose cleaning. They are predominately recycled cut bath towels that are thick and soft. A workhorse wiper when extreme absorption is required.

Quantity and Packaging 

All pieces are uniform in size which makes them ideal for almost all jobs. You also get a lot of rags per box which helps you get the job done. Our white terry towels come packaged in 10lb, 25lb and 50lb and can be ordered directly from our website.

Need help? 

As always, if you have any questions let our expert staff help you. Just give us a call Toll Free at (866) 922-7247 and our friendly staff will get you dialed in.

What is Lint Free or Low Lint?

What is the big deal with lint free wiping rags?

What is the big deal with lint free wiping rags?

Well first off, most types of rags produce some type of lint that is left behind when being used. If you are cleaning glass, windows, mirrors, automobiles or electronics you will want as little lint as possible. There is nothing like cleaning a window and seeing lint all over it once you finish. That’s just not right! To get the best results with a wiping rag in these situations you want to use a low lint rag.

What exactly is Lint?

Lint is a small, fine fiber that detaches from the surface of cloth and yarn. With cotton a tighter weave means less lint but also means less softness. Typically the softer the item the more lint you will see. A lint free cloth is a special type of cleaning cloth that does not give up any fluff or lint when being used.

Cleaning Electronics with Lint Free Rags

It is very important when cleaning electronics to use a low lint cloth. Being free of lint means the cloth is less likely to build up a charge that can possibly harm electronic equipment. There is a concept called ESD where lint and fluff can gain an electric charge.

Cleaning Tip for Lint Free Rags

If you wish to keep your wiping rags to having low lint you need to wash them correctly. Don’t wash with other items that have lint such as bath towels because they will drop lint in the wash.

Examples of Lint Free or Low Lint:

A&A Wiping Cloth has a large supply of wiping cloth products that are low lint and lint free.

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