Spring Cleaning Tips

Whether it's at home or the office we have compiled our favorite tips for spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning improves health by removing dust and mold. There are also the mental benefits of removing clutter, making it easier to focus and get tasks done. Our staff at A&A Wiping Cloth has compiled our favorite tips and what products we offer that make good choices for tasks.

  • First step is to make a list. This will help with not forgetting any tasks and make the process not as overwhelming. Feel free to check off tasks as you go so you feel as though you are making progress.
  • Always work from top to bottom, don't start with the floors.
  • This is a great time to declutter and get rid of items you don’t use anymore. Making your space less cluttered is a big step in mental clarity.
  • Get ready for dusting- We suggest our microfiber rags for these applications. Dust particles are negatively charged so they are attracted to microfiber wipers which are positively charged.
  • Clean furniture fabric such as your couch and chairs. Grab anything that can be put in the wash: bedding, rugs and any other washable items.
  • Clean mirrors and glass. We suggest using a wiper that leaves no lint and doesn’t streak. Our new or recycled surgical towels for window cleaning work best for cleaning glass and mirrors.
  • Sanitize all surfaces - There are a number of wiping cloths that work well as all purpose cleaning rags. Take a look at our Janitorial wiper selection on our website. Also, it’s a good time to clean the bathroom and toilet.
  • Lastly, clean all the floors, this is usually the last step as any dust or debris from cleaning can end up on the ground during cleaning. We have several options for mops that work well for cleaning floors like microfiber tube mops and microfiber fringed mops. For carpet we suggest a HEPA vacuum, these catch even the smallest of airborne particles.


We hope this helps with your Spring Cleaning and feel free to contact us with any wiping rag questions.