Janitorial Wipers

Companies hire janitorial staff and cleaning companies to keep the work environment clean and safe. 

A&A Wiping Cloth has proudly served janitorial service companies, custodial companies, maintenance workers and cleaning crews for the past 75 years. Their selection of wipers at their facility in Los Angeles is second to none.

Whether you are a maintenance engineer, school custodian, janitor, building custodian, office cleaner, grounds maintenance worker, residential cleaner or in charge of supervising the job, making sure you have the most durable cleaning products is key. In order to keep these often large spaces clean janitor’s and cleaning crews also need high quality cleaning products. Using the right cleaning products will not just save you time and money, it will save your body from aches and pains by cutting down your cleaning time.

Let’s focus on what clients in the janitorial industry use day in and out:

New White Terry Bar Towel

These wiping cloths are the cream of the crop. They are lightweight, super strong and come in all uniform sizes. It's a two sided wiping cloth that allows absorption on both sides. Plus they can easily be rewashed and reused multiple times.

Recycled Surgical Towels

Easily the most sought after, high quality wiper that A&A Wiping Cloth has to offer. Prewashed, sanitized and colorfast, this recycled option is the Rolls Royce of recycled towels. Hemmed on all sides to keep these wipers performing for a long time, Recycled Surgical Towels are ideal for cleaning glass, mirrors, countertops, and so much more.

Recycled White Terry Towels

A great less expensive option of the new bar towel. Used for heavy duty clean up, floor installation and great all around rag. Recycled terry towels are made from recycled bath towels so they are tough and make a great heavy duty wiper.

White Flannel

Soft, smooth and highly absorbent wipers made from hospital blankets. A real “soaker” of a rag that is ideal for heavy spills, yet also perfectly suited for polishing faucets, door handles/frames, and countertops.

Recycled White Knit

Another less expensive option for cleaning up spills. They are soft, absorbent and virtually lint free. They are made from recycled t-shirts so they are very soft while being very absorbent as well.

Recycled Color Knit

Another recycled option with all the same qualities as our white knit and priced slightly lower. These are soft, extremely absorbent and low linting making them popular for just about any clean up job. A great lightweight all purpose rag for the job.

Things can get messy and we want to make sure your team is ready with the right wiper for the job. We are competitively priced and have huge inventory to get the job done. Give us a try and see what we have to offer!