Benefits of Using a Recycled Wiping Cloth

Save Money

Yes, recycled wiping rags are sold at a lower price than a brand new counterpart. New material used for wiping rags is always going to be more expensive but recycled options can do the job just as well in most circumstances. Add this up over the course of a year and the savings can be very noticeable. If you are looking for the best deal a used wiping rag can be a great option for most cleaning situations.

More Absorbency

Recycled rags have already been washed a number of times leading to reduced sizing and superior softness. When they are washed they also become more absorbent than a new rag of the same type, making a great wiping rag for spills and general cleaning. These rags are primed and ready to soak, wipe, absorb, clean and polish.

Better for the Environment

It’s pretty simple, when something is recycled it doesn’t go to the landfill. Manufacturing new wiping rags results in the emission of carbon gasses which negatively affect the environment. Also, newer textiles can take decades to completely break down making them a problem once they hit that landfill.

Creates Jobs

Second hand textile industry is a big business creating many jobs of cutting and processing used textiles. It's proven that when you purchase a recycled wiping rag you are creating work in this sector. It’s a win on so many levels for so many people.

Less Color Bleed

Recycled wiping cloth options also come with no color bleed, making them a lot easier to wash. New material that is colored can bleed and has to be washed separately. Recycled rags….well….you get the picture. They’ve been washed numerous times already and simply won’t bleed.


Some of most common recycled wiping rags we have in stock:


Recycled Blue Surgical Towels

Recycled Green Surgical Towels

Recycled White Knit Rags

Recycled White Terry Towels

Recycled Color Terry Towels

Recycled Color Knit Rags

Recycled Cotton Diapers

Recycled Bar Towels