A&A Wiping Cloth is one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers and wiping cloth distributors in the United States.

It’s all about options when it comes to rags and A&A has a full spectrum of choices. President of the company – Jeremy Berg says, “I want to give my clients the best wiping cloth for the job, not just what’s in stock or is popular. Certain rags are best for certain jobs and certain industries need a tailored product.”

A&A’s 40,000 sq foot facility boasts an enormous collection of products; cotton wiping cloths, microfiber towels, all purpose wiping products and specialty wipers.

I have never seen so many rags and wiping cloths in one location.

With a staff of roughly forty employees, A&A Wiping Cloth continues to grow and expand in a competitive market.

Clients count on A&A for their knowledge and their ability to get their order to them quickly. You don’t just get the right answers and quick orders by having a large facility and workforce. It takes experience, feedback and relationships with end users and industry connections. A&A understands that choosing a wiping cloth distributor is not easy. Working with a company that has experience is extremely important for building trust, including credibility and  reliability. A&A has what it takes to be your wiping cloth distributor. With almost ninety years in the business A&A  has become a ‘go-to’ source when it comes to needing answers about what wiping cloth to use.

Their location in the heart of Los Angeles serves as a warehouse for wiping cloth distribution all over the United States.

You can order direct from their website or give them a call if you need to talk to a real person.

If you are looking to establish a quality supplier of wiping cloths, both new and recycled, A&A Wiping Cloth is definitely worth checking out. Give A&A a try at being your new wiping cloth distributor.

You can also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and Downloads to better assist you.