Looking for a wholesale wiping cloth provider?

Whether you are a reseller or just looking for a larger order of wiping cloths, here at A&A Wiping Cloth – we’ve got you covered.

If you have a resale license we can get your account set up today. It’s best to give us a quick call in order to set you up with a wholesale account. Once a wholesale account is set up we can discuss your options and types of wiping cloth products we can provide.

What is the difference between discounted and wholesale wiping cloth orders?

Buying wholesale is when you purchase products in bulk quantity with the intention of selling directly to the consumer. By buying in bulk, you receive a discount which allows you to make a profit when selling a product at the retail price. If you are thinking about becoming a reseller the wiping cloth market is a strong industry that is constantly growing.

In the state of California there are few steps you must take in order to purchase wholesale. Yes, you will need a resale license to purchase wholesale. In general, a wholesale license allows you to avoid paying sales tax, but you are responsible for collecting sales tax from your customers.

Don’t have a resale license but want discounted pricing on bulk orders of wiping cloths?

While our website generally showcases retail pricing on smaller orders, distribution customers receive discounted pricing. Call for a customized quote. We are always willing to work with you on larger volume orders. We have been helping vendors and forming partnerships since our inception in 1932. We also offer a great drop ship program amongst many other great services.

Our goal is for long term wholesale distribution business, so call now or contact us today to get set up with a permanent account at A&A Wiping Cloth and benefit from our lower pricing and delivery options.