At A&A Wiping Cloth we offer the highest quality white bar rag on the market. Our bar towels are all designed from superior materials as we believe in durability. A&A Wiping Cloth provides the same service, no matter the order size – 10lb, 25lb, 50lb or even 500lb or more.

It’s no secret that the white terry bar towels get the job done when it comes to clean up. They are worshiped in the restaurant industry because they are great absorbers of liquid and very light weight to carry. However, the bar towel is also a great tool in the home kitchen. Spills, hot plates, dirty tables; the bar towel is your friend. Recycled bar towels are also a great option too!

Product shot white bar towel

Qualities of a Bar Rag:

Our white bar towels are 100% cotton making them a great absorber. We design a high quality, smooth bar towel with a clean stitch.

  • All Purpose – These guys can do it all. Bar rags can be an all around great wiping cloth for just about anything.

  • Bleachable – They are bleachable which is great because these towels can get really dirty. Since they are white we tend to see these guys getting bleached and used over and over.
  • Super Thin – Makes them easy to handle and use, you carry them in one hand and easily fit them in your back pocket.
  • Absorbency – Made of 100 percent cotton terrycloth, a bar towel is a super absorber.
  • Inexpensive – Due to their size and the fact you can buy them in bulk it makes the bar towel more affordable than other cloths such as a microfiber.

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Also you can look at our industries page and see all the industries bar towels are highly used in. We also offer bulk options!

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