Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner can be quite the task. Aside from planning and prepping for the dinner you also need to make sure everything is clean and tidy before your guests arrive. Our top cleaning tip is to use terry cloth bar towels when cleaning up a big kitchen mess. We’ve compiled a list of more of our top cleaning tips to help make your holiday less about stress and more about spending time with your family and friends.

1. Clear your work space.

Have you ever looked at your fridge and noticed all of the papers, photos, coupons, etc. that are crowding the door? Try taking everything off the door to either toss or store away as a keepsake and take another fresh look at your fridge door. You will suddenly have a sense of calmness and cleanliness in your kitchen. Cooking a large meal requires kitchen counter space, so do the same to your countertops. Put as many of your knickknacks and containers in a cabinet as you can while still making them easily accessible. Don’t forget to leave enough space for your guests to put their dishes down when they arrive for a potluck style dinner.

2. Clean while you cook.

If you make sure to clean as you cook there will be less dishes to wash when you are done. Keeping your countertops clean as you cook can also be beneficial for yet more prep work for those pies that still need to be baked. For the best kitchen counter rags we always recommend either Recycled Blue Surgical Towels (they don’t streak!) or Microfiber Towels. Even the super-efficient Microfiber SmartRags are a great choice that can be used on various surfaces with ease.

3. Wipe up spills right away.

Avoid having setting stains on your floors or countertops by getting right to cleaning them up when a spill occurs. Bar towels are great to use for cleaning up large spills quickly because they absorb liquid and other messes without a problem.

4. Plan ahead.

Creating a pre-dinner checklist can sound overwhelming to some people, but if done ahead of time it can help make your busy prep time run smoothly. Plan enough time to deep clean your kitchen before you start cooking. Your kitchen may get messy while you cook but it will be less overwhelming to “clean as you cook” if you start with fresh, clean countertops, floors and oven.

5. Enjoy

Cleaning doesn’t always need to be a daunting task. Put on your favorite up-beat music at full blast and get yourself in the cleaning mode. Just think about how worthwhile it will be to enjoy that delicious meal with your family and friends once all your busy cleaning has been completed. With the right mindset, cleaning supplies and cleaning wisdom you will be sure to have a successful Thanksgiving to remember for years to come.