What janitorial supplies are needed for achieving top results?

Other than a work ethic of steel and the will to not give up until the mission is complete, you need the proper janitorial supplies.

We will cover some of the more common items you will need in order to get the job done. Once these basic items are squared away you can gather any specialty supplies depending on the cleaning or janitorial job you are doing.


Find out what you need and keep it simple; don’t overload with tools/janitorial supplies you aren’t going to use regularly.

You can get most cleaning tasks covered with the following supplies:

  1. A proper janitorial cart to haul your supplies around.
  2. A mop and bucket is a must for cleaning hard floors.
  3. A broom and dustpan to sweep up debris and trash.
  4. All the popular cleaning chemicals:
    • Spray Cleaner – All Purpose
    • Disinfectant
    • Glass Cleaner
    • Mold Remover
    • Air Freshener/Sanitizer
  1. Toilet brush – Long handle so you can keep a safe distance.
  2. Safety signs – Avoid accidents from wet floors, spills and so on.
  3. Wiping rags – You can usually get both recycled and new options depending on your needs. You can use microfiber towels, surgical towelsbar towels, flannel and knit sheeting or standard wash cloths.
  4. Trash bags – It’s good to use industrial strength bags.
  5. Maintenance tools – Plunger, Screw Drivers, and Wrenches.
  6. Protective gloves – Last but not least try to keep your hands clean.


  • Many of these items can be bought in bulk to get a better price. So stock up when you can or if there is a sale.
  • Look to buy equipment and supplies that are durable even if they cost a bit more it is probably worth it.

So remember having the right tools is very helpful to get the cleanest results.