The best industrial rags are made to be strong and absorbent.

They need to be able to clean up small and large messes. You have choices on wiping rags and A&A Wiping Cloth is here to help you make the right one. It’s not every day that you buy rags, so it helps to have a partner that is able to guide you through your options.

Whether its oil, grease, disaster reclamation, fire or water restoration or even just a huge mess; there is a right rag for the job.

We gathered some favorite options for the industrial environment from our wiping cloth customer service experts. They stated “We need to know what you do, rough idea on how much you need and a budget and we will find your best options.”

Some of our Favorite Industrial Rags Picks:

  • Hospital Gowns Hospital gowns are super soft and consistent in material and feel. They are a light weight cotton blend material that is very absorbent. Don’t worry; they are cut to not have ties and snaps.

  • Color Sweatshirt Fleece pieces cut to wiper size portions from colored sweatshirts and sweatpants. Color Sweatshirt is a thick, strong yet very soft inexpensive wiper.

  • Industrial White An inexpensive choice for cleaning a lot of different greases, oils, industrial lubricants, solvents, and cleaners. Great choice if you require a white wiper for the job.

  • Recycled Color Knit For industrial applications these recycled color knits are the most popular choice. They are good for just about any application and are made from a low lint recycled color t-shirt material.

  • Industrial Color If you are looking for a lot of pieces per box, these light weight disposable rags are it. Colored wipers are great for different greases, oils and other industrial lubricants, solvents, and cleaners.

  • Color Wipettes A grab bag of different types of rags. Looking for a party in a box, this is your call. A box of these contains distressed recycled terry bar towels, bath towels with holes or rips, and other dyed color terry material. Great economical choice for an industrial rag that absorbs well.

The Best Industrial Rags