The bar towel, also known as a bar mop towel, is known for its supernatural powers. This wiping cloth is most commonly seen in the restaurant industry and janitorial supply industry where it gets rave reviews by chefs, waiters, food runners, maintenance crews, janitors and of course bartenders. This ultimate wiping cloth has earned its stellar reputation in the restaurant business and janitorial supply community for several reasons.


If you have a spill a super absorbent cloth will surely come in handy. A bar towel is constructed from terry cloth fabric and has uncut fabric loops over its entire surface. These loops are the main reason this towel is extra absorbent as they hold in the water or liquid. With a few quick swipes these sponge like wiping cloths take care of a serious spill on the bar, bathroom, counter top, diner table or in the kitchen.

Product shot white bar towel

Quick Drying

The bar towel is also known for its ability to dry quickly which makes it a great all around wiping cloth. This cloth is also a server’s best friend in a busy restaurant where things often need to be wiped up. The same rag can be used to dry a table and moments later grab a hot plate.

Close up shot of a white bar towel


Lastly, the durable characteristics of the terry cloth bar towel make it an economical choice for a restaurant and maintenance team. You can wash them over and over with little stress on the quality of the fabric. Since they last for a long time they become much more effective from a cost standpoint.

Terry cloth bar towels are the bread and butter wiping cloth of the restaurant scene, as well as janitorial supply companies.

Although they are constructed for commercial use, it’s not a bad idea to have by your side in your home kitchen. You can get your bar towels direct and buy rags online with A&A Wiping Cloth.