A restaurant needs to have proper supplies of wiping cloths, and our new terry bar towel is what you will find in restaurants everywhere. A&A Wiping Cloth has been supplying the restaurant industry for decades and has a wide selection of wiping products specific to the industry. We carry the highest quality new and reclaimed bar towels for your needs. Let us know if you are a restaurant or food establishment and will get you squared away.

A Popular Rag for Restaurants

The Bar Mop towel is one of our most highly sought after wipers for restaurant needs. The terry bar towel is the weapon of choice for; chefs, servers, bussers and bartenders. Having an absorbent bar towel ready to go is important in any restaurant or bar establishment. These towels are also easy to carry around which is a plus for bar and restaurant workers. Whether you are wiping up hot grease, pulling food from the oven, polishing plates or cleaning up spills -the terry bar towel is on point. You can use these towels on the toughest surfaces and they still hold up. Plus they can be washed and reused dozens of times.

Terry Bar Towel Close Up

The bar towel is woven with many extruding loops of thread; these loops are the secret to water absorption. Its absorbent quality is what makes this towel such a life saver in a high spill environment of a restaurant.

Washing Terry Bar Towels

Washing your bar mop towels properly is a must. It is very important to disinfect these towels after use since they come into contact with food and other types of germs. We suggest viewing our article about how to properly wash these towels to get the best cleaning results.

There are two options when it comes to terry bar towels, new or reclaimed. All orders come in 10lb, 25lb and 50lb boxes or bales for easy delivery. If you need any direction of what works best for you, please let us know.

Close up shot of a white bar towel