Running out of old t-shirt rags for that job?

We have a full supply of t-shirt rags available to keep you moving. Also known as knit rags, recycled knit t-shirts, or simply used white or used color knit, they all come directly from t-shirt material. We provide the highest quality selection of new white knit, recycled white knit and colored white knit.

What makes t-shirt rags a popular option for all cleaning jobs?

They are extremely durable, washable, and tough and can be used over and over – just to name a few characteristics. They are simply an all around wiper for just about any job. It’s lightweight and sturdiness gives t-shirt rags a high usability score.

Our knit wipers are cut from t-shirts and other knit apparel. These cotton and cotton blend wipers are lightweight, sturdy, and the go to choice for almost anyone needing a rag. The high cotton content makes these rags nice and smooth but also very absorbent.

Never used, always new. New White Knit is a pristine, bright white 100% cotton knit rag that is void of seams and collars. All you get is a smooth white knit material. These are the highest quality knit wiper we provide.


Our reclaimed or recycled t-shirt rags have been washed and sanitized for your immediate use. Recycled wiping cloths are also an environmentally conscious choice as they are extending the life of that t-shirt you may be wearing right now!


Recycled Color Knit is our best price point for a knit rag. It’s also a very popular choice for those looking for a cheaper wiping cloth that still has tough rep. Essentially the exact same thing as a used white knit t-shirt rag, but made from a cut up color t-shirt.


All of our orders are shipped fast and available in 5lb, 10lb, 25lb and 50lb boxes or bales. We can also supply larger orders with discount pricing for orders over 500lbs.

If you have any questions about our t-shirt rags or you are interested in another type of wiping cloth please let us know. A&A Wiping Cloth’s highly knowledgeable staff is ready to help with your wiping cloth needs.