A&A Wiping Cloth can supply the exact rag for your exacting staining job.

People who stain usually know exactly what they are looking for or what has worked for them consistently in the past. The wiping cloth needs to absorb the stain but not too much. It takes skill to do this type of work. But guess what? We at A&A Wiping Cloth understand the fussy stainer, and we’ve got you covered (and your wood covered, too!).

Generally, strainers use knitted material because it does not leave lint behind. That is why New White Knit or Recycled White Knit rags are preferable. However, our White Flannel rags are the perfect choice when you are staining large floor areas for the hold the stain for a long period of time (and they are super soft as well). Sometimes other products work the best for certain people, such as White Sheeting, Recycled Cotton Diapers, even White Cotton Napkins. Whichever one works the best for you, you can rely on A&A Wiping Cloth.  And we also have premium painting rags as well if you’re into that line of work!

Rags for Staining

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!