A&A Wiping Cloth is all about options when it comes time for you to buy wiping rags.

Getting our customers the best possible solutions of rags for their business is our top priority. Not only will our highly trained staff help you pick out the best rag options, we also can help you decide your packaging options. Our huge selection of wiping rags come; in 5lb, 10lb, 25lb and 50lb boxes or bales. And if you need a bigger size, just let us know! We are always here to help you buy wiping rags for your business.

The two main ways rags are sold is by box or by bale, let’s see what the difference is.

A bale is a large bundle of rags that contains no cardboard box; instead they are compressed and shrink-wrapped for shipping. As for a box, well, we’re pretty sure everyone knows what a box looks like so no real need to explain that one.

The main benefit of buying in bulk by the bale is the ability for your wiping rags to not take up as much space at your facility. In a commercial warehouse sometimes space is tight. For example you can get eighteen 50lb boxes on a pallet or thirty 50lb bales on a pallet.

Boxes can be bulky and do take up more space than the compressed bale. Each bale block can take up approximately 45% less space than a box holding the same quantity. It’s also easier to handle, uses water resistant packaging and accumulates less overall packing waste.

That is not to say boxes are bad! On the contrary, boxes are a tried and true packaging option for our rags. Many clients like the boxes for a few reasons. One, the rags are easy to get to (just open the top of the box, or utilize the punch out hole on the side, and grab a rag and go! Also, they do look nice stacked and give a better appearance in our opinion for retail sales. At the end of the day we think both options work great and it boils down to personal preference and space allotment for storage.

Custom Labeling Wiping Rag Boxes and Bales

All orders are labeled with pertinent information. Our labeling system includes details like: purchaser’s name and address, item description and part number for easy identification (many customers purchase more than one type of rag at a time!). We also do custom labeling if needed, so by all means ask about that.

How much weight do I get when I buy wiping rags in bulk?

At A&A Wiping Cloth we package all your wiping rag needs at net weight meaning your rags will weigh what you ordered without the packaging weight. You get every single pound of rag you pay for.

Where to Buy Wiping Rags

If you need more details or need help deciding on your packaging options or custom labeling, feel free to fill out our contact from or give us a call at (866) 922-7247.