Reliable A&A Wiping Cloth wipers help your schools to look their very best. Needless to say, but they make the grade.

Wiping cloths and towels are used in a lot of different environments in school settings, be they K-12 or colleges/universities. Because A&A Wiping Cloth has been supplying them to schools for many decades, we have a good idea of which ones work the very best. Having the right rag for the job is important for those whose responsibilities include keeping schools looking their very best for students and faculty.

Sometimes there is a need for cleaning/absorbing major messes. Our cut White Recycled Turkish Terry or our Colored Recycled Turkish Terry are great to meet that need. If maximum absorption is required for minor messes, White Washcloths or cut White Thermal Blankets or Color Thermal Blankets, get the job done. Microfiber Towels are increasingly being used in school environments as well, and are available in pop-up packaging. Got tables, countertops, and other like surfaces to wipe down? New White Terry Bar Mops are favorites. And for all around cleanup, Recycled White Knits are well known and used extensively.


Wipers and Rags for School Districts

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!