Recycled huck towels or surgical towels are just about the best all around wiping rag we offer. These 100% cotton towels are practically lint free, light weight and very durable. They are over locked on four sides and textured for maximum absorption. Our recycled huck towels come prewashed and sanitized so they are ready to go to work.


Who Uses Recycled Huck Towels?

They are used by window washers, professional house cleaners and auto detailers and also make a great household rag. Being lint free and super absorbent make these towels perfect for any window or glass surface. In the auto industry, microfiber has become more popular for cleaning an entire vehicle but detailers like to use surgical towels for car windows. Since they are so thin surgical towels can get into the corners of windows more easily than a standard microfiber cloth. Many house cleaners use the surgical towels as a multipurpose cleaning rag.

Since they are recycled they also become an environmentally conscious product to use for your business.

How do you buy Recycled Huck Towels?

We offer online ordering through our e-commerce site or you can give us a call directly with any questions. We offer several purchase quantity options but our most common size unit is either a 25lb or 50lb box or compressed bale.

Need large quantities?

If you need more of our recycled surgical towels we do offer a discount and would love to speak with you directly. Please call our Los Angeles, California facility at (323) 267 1516 and we can discuss these volume discounts, shipping options and any other questions you may have. We have been providing a number of both commercial and industrial users with large volume orders since 1932. We specialize in developing long lasting relationships with our clients. Give us a call today!

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