Let us help you find all of the perfect rags for painting.

Painting can get messy so you are going to want to have a supply of clean up rags on hand. Whether a first time house painter, contractor, property manager, or artist – we got you covered.

Your requirements as a painter should help us pick the right rag for you, whether you have large jobs with large messes or smaller jobs that need clean lines. Cost, absorbency, and durability are all factors that you should weigh in your decision, so test out different types to see what works best for you.

There are many types of rags available for wiping away excess paint.

White Knit

If you are concerned with lint, then our new white knit or the recycled white knit are perfect for painting and clean up. They are cut to a usable size, absorb well, are durable, smooth and lint free. They are 100% cotton making for a great option.


Cloth Diapers or White Napkins

These are sold to many other professions, but many painters swear by them. They are great rags for painting. White cotton napkins and white flannel are both very absorbent and another great option for painters.

Product shot white bar towel

Bar Towels

You can also try thick cut turkish terry towels or our new terry bar towels. We also have recycled options too like our recycled terry bar towels and premium recycled white washcloths.


At the end of the day, each of these rags for painting are capable of wiping up a mess while you’re working.

Professional wiping rags at your door, expert advice from being around since 1932 and the widest selection on the West Coast makes it easy to serve you. Give us a call so we can get your painting rags squared away. We have an entire selection of painting wiping cloths and any of them will do the job.

  • New White Knit
  • Recycled White Knit
  • White Cotton Napkins
  • New White Terry Bar Towels
  • White Flannel
  • White Washcloths