Recycled Blue Surgical Towels

Recycled Blue Surgical Towels

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Blue recycled surgical towels are the ultimate janitorial towel. The LeBron James of wiping cloths. These are sanitized reclaimed and blue recycled surgical towels, which are sometimes referred to as blue huck towels or waffle towels.

These blue recycled surgical towels are prewashed and 100% cotton. They are uniform in size and approximately 15” x 22”. Given that they are overlocked on four sides they are extremely durable and will not fall apart. Blue recycled surgical towels have a little texture to help maximize absorption and the material is colorfast, which means they won’t bleed.

Our Most Popular Rag

Since these towels are recycled (trust us…it’s a good thing as recycled towels are more absorbent), you will find some towels with stains, holes and perhaps a tear or two. Hey…it happens. They are recycled! Regardless, these are easily one of our most popular rags given the overall high quality of the material, level of absorbency, and extreme dependability.

Lint Free Recycled Surgical Towels

Did we mention they are lint free (or as close to lint free as possible)? If not, well, they are lint free! There is no better towel for janitors, window cleaners, mirror and glass cleaning, countertop cleaning, and so much more. They also come in Green, which are just as good although slightly thicker and larger in size. And…if you must, we have new blue surgical towels as well. Yet we think you will be pretty pleased with the blue recycled surgical towels.

Recycled Surgical Towels Packaging

Now I’m sure you are wondering how many towels come in a box? Good question! There are roughly 7 pieces per lb, which means you would get about 70 pieces in a 10 lb box, 175 pieces in a 25 lb box, and 350 pieces in a 50 lb box.

Grab a box (or three) of blue recycled surgical towels today and see why we feel they are simply the best!

Rags In Action

Recycled Blue Surgical Towels

Get The Details

  • Recycled material

  • High cotton content
  • Hemmed on all four sides
  • Consistent and absorbent
  • All colored wipers
  • Lint-free
  • Ideal wiper size pieces
  • Uniform dimensions

Perfect For

  • Window cleaning

  • Glass cleaning
  • Mirror cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Kitchen and Bar cleaning
  • Just about everything!

Packaging Options

Most customers find that purchasing our wipers in either a 25 or 50 lb box, or a 25 or 50 lb compressed bale is the way to go.

This gets you the most bang for your buck!

However, there are other options as well.

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