Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

From: $49.00

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • 180 Pieces
  • 48 Pieces

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Microfiber Towels come in numerous colors, sizes, and weights…and we have them all. But most folks simply want the tried and true 49 gram 16×16 towel, and Blue, Green or Yellow are the most popular choices. With the ability to hold seven times their weight in liquid, and made to pick up and hold dirt and dust, these towels can be used both wet and dry and can be laundered up to 500 times. Looking for a little? Grab 48 pieces! Bigger job in mind? Get a full case of 180 pieces!

Microfiber Towels

Get The Details

  • 16×16 49 gram towels available in Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, White, Black and more. 15 dz per case.

  • 16×16 45 gram towels available in Blue, Green and Pink. 15 dz per case.
  • 16×16 35 gram towels available in Blue, Green and Pink. 15 dz per case.
  • 12×12 30 gram towels available in Blue and Green. 20 dz per case.
  • 80% polyester, 20% polyamide.
  • Other options include: Blue Shiny Glass Towels, White Waffle Towels, Hand Towels, Bar Mops, Dusting Mitts and more.

Perfect For

  • All-purpose cleanup

  • Polishing and dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • High detail cleaning
  • Kitchen and Bar cleaning
  • Bathroom maintenance
  • Parts and tool cleaning
  • Food service
  • Building maintenance
  • Personal wiping

Additional information

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Blue, Green, Yellow

How Many?

180 Pieces, 48 Pieces