Put a great shine on whatever you’re polishing with high quality Polishing Rags from A&A Wiping Cloth.

If you need wiping cloths that can make a surface shine, A&A Wiping Cloth has what you need. We have learned since our beginnings in 1932 that different people prefer different rags. You want whatever you’re polishing to look its very best. We get that. Whatever your preference, you can purchase it from A&A. We have polishing rags for all types of surfaces, whether its wood floors, stainless style, chrome, you name it!

For example, some people feel that fleece knit material (we call it Color Sweatshirts) is the ideal polishing cloth, while others prefer our super soft White Flannel rags. Many folks love the polishing that our Recycled Diaper material performs, while others like the thickness of Recycled White Turkish Terry Towels, or the economical version composed of various sized terry pieces that we call White Wipettes. If you want your work to be a good reflection on you, we have it at A&A!

Wipers for Polishing

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!