We can help you build and maintain anything that floats with Marine Rags and towels from A&A Wiping Cloth.

Those who build boats need rags and towels. No secret there. When there is water around, you inevitably need something that can soak things up. It is also no secret that once built, boats require maintenance. Lots of maintenance. People who toil in the various aspects of boat maintenance need reliable cleaning materials, and A&A Wiping Cloth has just those types of production, cleaning, and maintenance wiping materials. We’ve been supplying them for a long time to the marine industry. We know what you need.

For heavy duty use and in particular, for heavy duty absorption, thick Recycled White Turkish Terry Towels cut into usable sizes are what is required. A little less thick, but uniform in size are the New White Terry Towels. Some people prefer even smaller sized terry material in the form of White Washcloths. If it’s terry you want, in any form, we got it. We also have other maintenance wipers like Recycled White Knit (t-shirt material), and Recycled Color Knits. One of our newest items are the Microfiber SmartRag disposable towels, which are perfect for confined spaces. We even have Sorbents for major oil spills! Whatever gets the job done we have at A&A!

Wipers and Rags for the Marine Industry

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!