Environmentally minded people use the right recycled wiping rag for their manufacturing process. Smart ones get Manufacturing Rags from A&A Wiping Cloth.

Environmentally conscious people use recycled cloth wiping rags instead of paper, non-wovens, or shop towels. We at A&A Wiping Cloth have a wide array of various types of cut recycled linens and clothing from which to choose to clean up in a manufacturing setting. Absorbing is a big deal because nobody wants to use a rag that doesn’t work.

The most well-known wiping cloth is the cut up colored t-shirt that we call Color Knit. But there are others that work as well. Consider cut up hospital gowns, always consistent and always absorbent. How about Choice White Cotton, or Color Sweatshirts, or Industrial Color and its companion, Industrial White? Use a rag from A&A Wiping Cloth and you’ll get a rag you can trust. Consult with a knowledgeable A&A Wiping Cloth representative for the best product(s) for the job. Whether it is a massive manufacturing warehouse complete with hundreds of wiping cloth needs, or just one piece of machinery that is leaking fluid, A&A Wiping Cloth will get you the right rag at the right price.

Wipers and Rags for the Manufacturing Industry

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!