A&A Wiping Cloth is one of those businesses that have been around forever and continue to grow and add products to their arsenal, carrying a large selection of wiping rags. Even though many businesses and individuals have been sidetracked by COVID-19 we are still here to help with wiping cloth needs. Since 1932 we have been helping numerous industries with our distribution and development of sanitized wiping cloths and will continue to do so into the future.

We Have The Largest Selection Of Wiping Rags

We are built around the belief that we can offer our clients numerous options, timely delivery and a quality product at prices that make sense. We are confident we can find you that ideal wiper, rag or towel and get it to you quickly.

It’s all about selection at A&A Wiping Cloth.

A few of our wiping rag options:

We have a complete line of new and recycled wiping products as well as wiping rags at all price points.

Wiping Rags by Industry

We have also taken the time to break down wiping rags by industry and profession.

You can visit our website and select your industry for options on wiping rags fit for you.