What about those knit rags?

A knit rag is a smooth wiper that is very absorbent and virtually lint free. They are made from knitted t-shirt material and other knit clothing. They can be used for just about anything and are a go to rag for many industries, especially painters. A&A Wiping Cloth has an entire selection of knit rags at all price points. New, Used, White or Colored – we’ve got you covered!

New White Knit is the premium wiping rag for those who paint, stain, apply varnish or dust stuff for a living. We offer a brand new bright white knit rag that is perfect for your next painting job. These are soft absorbent wiping rags that will not bleed (they are white, duh!) even when used with solvents.


Looking for a high quality recycled knit rag?

Recycled White Knit is a go to for those looking for a less-expensive version of New White Knit. They are reclaimed fabrics from clothing making them a very environmentally friendly choice. They have all passed a quality control check by our staff before they make the cut. There may be seams in these wiping rags but they are button and zipper free. Just cut up white t-shirts, and sometimes that is all you need to get the job done!

Recycled Color Knit is the most widely used wiper in industrial applications. It is the cheaper of our knit options. If you are looking for quality recycled knit rag at the lowest price point, have a look at our recycled color knit. Essentially just like our white knit t-shirt rags, but these are made from color t-shirts.

Knit rags are a great wiper because they are absorbent and also soft. If you have any questions about these popular wiping cloths being right for your next job let our team know.

We have a large supply of options and orders can be purchased in 10lb, 20lb and 50lb boxes or bales. If you need a larger order of knit wiping cloths please give us a call.