We still need to keep our homes, offices, cars, and everything we come in contact with clean by both cleaning and disinfecting.

Most of us are getting tired of the masks, gloves and the constant cleaning and disinfecting as well as a long list of other complaints. We need to stay positive and not forget our primary goal is to stay healthy. By now everyone knows we need to keep things clean. Let’s not lose sight of this as we transition into the summer months.

Think about all the high touch areas and the germs that possibly contaminate our living quarters, office or car.

Here are some basic cleaning and disinfecting principles that we need to keep in our daily lives from here on out:



What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning is removing germ particles which lowers the number of particles and gives us less of a chance of catching germs. Disinfecting is the use of a chemical to kill the germs. We suggest doing both cleaning and disinfecting with your wiping rag. Pass over with a proper wiping cloth and then spray of disinfectant on the surface and let it sit for a minute (or longer). Final step is to then wipe again with a clean rag.

Stay Safe and Stay Clean! Call A&A Wiping Cloth or visit our website to purchase the proper cleaning wiper.