A&A Wiping Cloth offers an abundant supply of Janitorial and Cleaning Rags and Microfiber Products.

Are you in charge of facility maintenance or of a custodial department and need to find reliable cloth maintenance supplies? Or does your business supply cloth rags and towels? If your answer is yes to either of those questions, you have come to the right place! A&A Wiping Cloth produces time-proven, high performance, sustainable wiping products for various clean-up applications. Whether you are cleaning an office building, an event center, an airport, a production office, a school or even a major league baseball stadium, you can find what you are looking for listed below.

New terry bar towels are clearly the perfect choice if a you are looking for a new towel, while thick cut Colored Recycled Turkish Terry Towels or White Recycled Turkish Terry Towels are necessary for heavy duty absorption.  Looking for low-linting wiping cloths for cleaning or dusting? Try our new or Recycled White Knit, or our Blue Surgical Towels and Green Surgical Towels, also known as Huck Towels. Microfiber Towels do amazingly well in this environment as well (also available in pop-up packaging). Oh…did we mention we have various microfiber mops and hardware as well? A&A Wiping Cloth has everything a maintenance department will need in terms of wiping and cleaning.

Janitorial Wipers and Rags

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!