Learn how to apply grout and take the frustration out of  your next project. 

So it’s time to finish off that new tile job. Follow these steps to complete your grout project! Be sure to have the right tools on hand to get the job done right the first time.


Pick your grout color.

We are going to assume you have already spent a few weeks thinking over which grout color to apply. There are a ton of grout color options to choose from these days, make sure to select something that doesn’t conflict with the tile color.


Mix your grout.

You want to mix by hand with a trowel and a 5 gallon bucket. Add water in small amounts until you get a peanut butter consistency making sure there is no dry powder left, but avoid getting the mix too soupy. Only mix as much as you are going to use right away and have a good wiping cloth nearby because things can get messy.


Apply and work your grout.

Pour out roughly a half gallon of grout directly over the tiles. Take your grout float and at a 45 degrees angle do large sweeps pushing the grout into the joints, filling them up completely. Then shift over to a 90 or 95 degree angle and swipe back over to remove the access grout.


Sponge your grout.

Relax for about 20-30 minutes while the grout sets. Then grab a wet sponge and rub over the tile until you are left with a thin haze.


Tool your grout.

It’s important to tool the grout lines for a nice finished look. Put your index fingers over the sponge and smooth over any high spots on the grout.


Polish your grout.

Once the grout’s film has dried it’s time to grab a wiping rag and polish off the haze. White terry wash cloths, recycled bar towels or Turkish terry towels are perfect options to use for this polishing technique.


Caulk and seal your grout.

Once the grout is 100% dry, typically 48-72 hours later – you can apply the sealer and caulk the corners. The sealer will take approximately 24 hours to fully become resistant to water or other liquids and fluids.


Enjoy your grout.

Sit back and look at your awesome tile. Pat yourself on the back.