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Construction Rags

Doing construction work can often end up with a mess or spill. This industry covers a wide variety of workers who use wiping rags. From painters, tilers, plumbers, electrical guys to general contractors wiping rags have become an essential tool for the job. Bottom line, construction sites can get messy, so construction companies source lots of rags. They are usually looking for something inexpensive so most choose a recycled product. Sustainable wiping products made from linen discards and recycled clothing is big in this industry. These guys want a rag that is going to absorb.

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Janitorial Rags

Janitors’ work requires a lot of cleaning up. Whether you are cleaning an office building, school, airport or a church you need the right supplies. When it comes to wiping cloths, janitors will typically use new and recycled terry bar towels, recycled surgical towels and recycled white knit. Also a lot of janitors use SmartRags that are disposable.

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Food Industry Rags

This industry uses a variety of wiping cloths, rags and microfiber products to run their business. These rags are often used for cleaning up spills and messes in the restaurant or kitchen. New and recycled terry cloth bar towels are the most popular rag because they absorb extremely well in just a quick swipe. Surgical towels and microfiber rags are also used in the food industry for cleaning glass and china. If you need a large supply of rags we offer bulk options.

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Manufacturing Industry Rags

Think of machines running all day, you’re inevitably going to have a big spill at some point. Just like the construction industry you are going to want a very absorbent rag. You probably don’t want an expensive cloth – a recycled product should do the trick. The most popular rag seen in this industry is the white knit which is actually a cut up t-shirt. Colored sweatshirts, hospital gowns and industrial color/white rags are another great choice. When you are in an industry that must deal with oil, grease, lubricants and solvents you are going to want to have a good supply of recycled rags around to deal with spills.

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