Five Must Haves for Dusting in 2020 – Don’t get left in the dust!

Nobody likes dusting, well at least not most people. Here are 5 items to help you tackle problematic dust in 2020.

Lambswool Duster

A Lambswool Duster is far superior to the old school feather duster and holds dust like a champ. It doesn’t scratch surfaces and captures dust quickly for effective cleaning. The natural lanolin oils in the lambswool duster combined with static electric properties makes this duster a must have.

Microfiber Cloth – Our Favorite For Dusting

The trustworthy microfiber cloth grabs and seizes dust without pushing it into the air. The cloth doesn’t require any cleaning solution but works great just a little damp. They are extremely durable and can handle being washed over and over.

Compressed Air

Compressed air is great for using in small tight places that collect dust. Compressed air is also very popular for dusting computers, keyboards and phones – making them great for the office.

TIP: Allow the compressed air to push out the dust particles so you can wipe them up with your microfiber cloth.

Microfiber Fringe Dust Mop

Microfiber Fringe Dust Mops accumulate dust, debris and dirt particles with ease. They can handle being washed over and over and still keep floors looking their best. The microfiber mop is safe on all floors and is great for getting in hard to clean corners. This mop is easy enough to use for just about anyone. No cleaning experience needed to use these dust mops.

Disposable Electrostatic Cloth

Electrostatic dusting cloths are composed of micro polyester fibers. By creating a static charge they lift the dust off anything they touch. Great for sucking up dust without using furniture polish or other spray cleaners. This cloth works best when used for light dust cleaning.

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