Today we are looking at the growing popularity of disposable rags. We chose to evaluate a brand new product called the SmartRags.

SmartRags are a cost effective throw away rag/wiper made out of microfiber.

Sometimes you just want to grab a rag and not worry about tossing it afterwards. The SmartRags offer a cost-effective microfiber cloth to use for that wiping or cleaning job. These are much cheaper than a standard microfiber rag and just a little bit smaller. They are easy to get and easy to use which makes them very popular.

What do you get when you buy SmartRags disposable rags?

Each box comes with 50 individual microfiber disposable rags neatly packaged into a small cardboard dispenser box. The disposable rags are 12” x 12” and have precision cut edges. We sell them in either Blue or Green, but Red and Yellow can be available as well upon special request.

Who uses disposable rags?

Disposable rags are typically used in high loss environments. Popular with automotive industry, general contractors and used for many industrial type jobs. They are also used in hospitals where cross contamination can be an issue. They are becoming extremely popular with the household consumer and are great for auto detailing.


  • They are scratch and streak free and can be applied to surfaces of glass, metal, paint, ceramic and wood.
  • These microfiber cloths are positively charged to attract dust better than other types of wiping cloths.
  • If you don’t have your own on-site laundry facility it may be more cost effective to use a disposable rag than to send out a recycled rag for third party washing.

Check out SmartRags; a smarter tool for all tasks. We conclude that these are some kick butt rags that can be used in many professional setting as well as at home. You can purchase these microfiber disposable rags online from wiping cloth supply companies such as A&A Wiping Cloth.