After you have cleaned your home, grab that microfiber cloth and let’s disinfect your car. It’s now time to disinfect your car from any possible coronavirus germs. This article goes a little bit further than running a disinfectant wipe across the steering wheel.

We have gathered some information from the CDC website and used our knowledge as a wiping cloth provider to create some basic information on disinfecting your car interior.

What to Disinfect In Your Car

You want to focus on frequently touched areas: door handles, grab handles, any screens, steering wheel, wipers and turn signals, buttons and armrests. Also helps to make sure you are washing your hands consistently when leaving the house to enter your car, and vice versa.

Products to Help Disinfect Your Car

Let’s make one thing clear – a kitchen countertop is not as durable as a car’s interior. “It’s important to use the right products and techniques to disinfect a vehicle properly” states consumer reports. Alcohol solutions with over 70 percent alcohol are effective against coronavirus and can be used on most car interior surfaces. Good old soap and water are also a safe bet for most surfaces as well.

Do not use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of your car as it can destroy the virus and your car’s interior. If your car has a touch screen, nothing with ammonia should be used as this can destroy the screen’s surface. We also suggest a soft touch on anything you are cleaning in the interior. Too much friction can wear down the coatings of certain areas in a car.

The Best Cloth to Help Disinfect Your Car

We highly suggest a microfiber cloth for your interior cleaning out of the vast options of wiping cloths out on the market. These cloths used with only water, are 98.9% effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces. But of course we suggest using a strong antibacterial soap when fighting germs, especially the coronavirus. Microfiber rags are designed with fabric that consists of tiny little loops that capture and sweep away dirt and dust. We have 48 and 180 piece options available directly through our website at

Remember- with a soft touch, the right disinfectant and a microfiber cloth you are ready to get the job done. Stay clean and healthy.