You can rely on proven rags to make quick work of your cleanup project from A&A Wiping Cloth.

If energy isn’t being put into a system, it tends toward disorganization. The Law of Entropy. Sometimes when messes occur or surfaces have gotten out of hand, someone needs to put energy into cleaning up. It’s great to have some wiping product that you can rely on. Whatever project needs your energy, A&A Wiping Cloth can supply you with the exact rag for the exact job, or for any job!

Sometimes thickness is required, and terry towels fill that bill. Our cut Recycled Color Turkish Towels or our cut Recycled White Turkish Towels do the job perfectly. If you require something terry but new, try our New Terry Bar Towels. Cut Color Thermal Blankets also are thick and absorb a lot of, well, they absorb a lot of everything! Microfiber Towels are thirsty as well. If you’re just wanting an economical rag to throw at something “disorganized,” try our Industrial Color. Truth be told, every one of our wiping cloth products are good for cleanup, but the ones listed below are what we would recommend first.

Rags for Clean Up

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!