Four Industries That Use A Large Supply Of Rags

2020-01-27T14:30:35-07:00January 23rd, 2020|All About Rags|

We offer a large supply of rags with bulk orders for many industries! Construction Rags Doing construction work can often end up with a mess or spill. This industry covers a wide variety of workers who use wiping rags. From painters, tilers, plumbers, electrical [...]

Spill Wipes – What You Need To Know

2020-01-27T13:58:17-07:00January 22nd, 2020|All About Rags|

Spill Wipes are a great choice if you are on a budget. Spill Wipes come from recycled material, so they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly than other wiping rags. These guys come from a variety of sources but usually they are composed of distressed terry bar [...]

A&A Wiping Cloth – Buy Rags Online

2019-12-20T12:54:21-07:00December 18th, 2019|All About Rags|

You asked for the ability to be able to buy a wide selection of wiping cloth online and we answered. Although you may have already seen our new design, we have just completed the ecommerce portion of it. Take a look and let us have your feedback. [...]

Dusting with Microfiber and More

2019-12-18T11:22:31-07:00December 18th, 2019|All About Rags|

Five Must Haves for Dusting in 2020 – Don’t get left in the dust! Nobody likes dusting, well at least not most people. Here are 5 items to help you tackle problematic dust in 2020. Lambswool Duster A Lambswool [...]

Disposable Rags Product Review – SmartRags

2019-12-04T15:50:46-07:00December 4th, 2019|All About Rags|

Today we are looking at the growing popularity of disposable rags. We chose to evaluate a brand new product called the SmartRags. SmartRags are a cost effective throw away rag/wiper made out of microfiber. Sometimes you just want to grab a rag and not worry about tossing it [...]