A&A Wiping Cloth’s rags and towels are true game changers; let’s make sure you are properly caring for your microfiber towels.

With the ability to be laundered up to 500 times, you need to make sure you stay up on your washing knowledge to get the longevity out of your microfiber towels. We are going to share some tips on caring for microfiber towels and how to keep those amazing microfiber towels thriving and doing their job.

Washing Microfiber Towels

The first thing we want to cover is making sure you are washing your microfiber towels after you are done using them. You want to make sure you are washing them after each use to avoid contaminants sitting on the rags. So make it a rule that once they get used they get washed right away.

Another common mistake we see people make is washing their microfiber cloths with the rest of their laundry. Also it’s important to avoid washing alongside anything made with cotton because the microfiber will attract the lint from it.

Follow these simple rules to get your microfiber washing game up to par.

  • Wash no higher than 120F.
  • Avoid tough soaps, bleach, and fabric softener.
  • Keep detergent to a minimal amount on any microfiber products.
  • Do not use dryer sheets with your microfiber towels.

  • Do not even think about ironing your microfiber.

It’s helpful to remember that microfiber cloths are made out of synthetic fibers and don’t like heat. So when caring for microfiber towels avoid heat in washing and drying and you should be on the right page. If you are in need of microfiber towels we have a great selection available.

*Pro Tip

If you are using a lot of towels – keep them color coded for different jobs so you will remember to wash them in groupings. We see this often with car companies who use different microfiber for waxing, interior and exterior drying.

Hope this helps to make your microfiber towels last longer and get provide you with the best caring instructions.