Blue surgical towels are lint free and have great absorbent technology which is what makes them the best window cleaning option in our opinion. We always suggest the extraordinary surgical towels, some also call these “huck towels” which is essentially the same as blue surgical towels without an FDA certificate. Make sure you buy the right rag if you are looking to clean a window, mirror or glass.

Since they are blue they show less stains after being washed and also allow you to color code with other wiping rags. Blue surgical towels are a key to a perfectly dry window without streaks. Also, they only get softer overtime and can withhold lots of washes. This is also a huge reason we suggest them – they are simply tough.

You can buy either new or recycled blue surgical towels depending on your price point and uses. If you need any advice we would be glad to answer any questions you may have about our Blue Surgical Towels.

The Best Window Cleaning Commercial Tip

If you are a commercial window cleaner, be prepared as you will probably go through quite a few rags each day. It helps to have a decent amount of these wipers on hand. Buy a larger supply than you think you will need so you can properly do your job, without trying to use a damp wiping cloth.

Washing Instructions for Blue Surgical Towels

To wash your blue surgical towels you can use your washing machine but only use half the normal amount of detergent. Also it helps to not have anything else in the load that might shed lint like bath towels.

Where to Purchase

You can purchase the best windows cleaning rags directly online through A&A Wiping cloth’s website. You have the option to purchase in 10lb, 25lb, 50lb boxes or bales. Or you can give us a call direct at 323-267-1516. We also stock one a large supply of all different wiping rags that can be purchased online.

Example of recycled blue surgical towels
Up close image of a new blue surgical towel