Microfiber and EPA recommended cleaning supplies are great for cleaning germs of a virus and to help you disinfect your home. The coronavirus has changed the way we live for the mean time and it’s important to stay hygienic. One step is to keep your living quarters safe from the coronavirus germs with some simple cleaning tips.

Hopefully, we all know to wash our hands properly by now, so we now want to focus on cleaning all surfaces that could be in contact with the virus. The virus spreads through airborne droplets that can remain viable for hours to days on surfaces. It’s important to disinfect surfaces that could have come in contact with the virus germ.

Products to Help Disinfect Your Home

There is a full list of disinfectants on the CDC website that are to be used when cleaning against COVID-19 or other serious viruses. Also the CDC says mixing four teaspoons of bleach into a quart of water can create an effective solution; just remember to also wash off afterwards. Microbiologist suggests you let the disinfectant sit on the surface a good 1 to 3 minutes. Also, it’s helpful to make sure the disinfectant is not expired and to wear disposable gloves. You will want to make sure it is full strength and sits long enough to do its job.

Microfiber cloths are very effective cleaners and have been trusted to clean 99% of bacteria on a surface. With its millions of fibers the bacteria gets lifted and held in the wiping cloth.

Areas to Disinfect in Your Home

Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 in homes. Focus on all the high touch areas such as doorknobs, fridge, freezer, microwave handles, backs of chairs, tables and desks, countertops, light switches, toilets, sink fixtures, remote controls, other electronic devices and toys.

Remember being over cautious with cleaning is not going to hurt, it can only help.