At A&A Wiping Cloth we have a huge selection of recycled wiping rags to choose from!

Our inventory includes an entire selection of new wiping rags, recycled wiping rags, white wiping rags and color wiping rags, as well as a complete line of microfiber products.

recycled wiping rags

The Main Benefits of Recycled Wiping Rags

With reclaimed or recycled wiping rags you get a more absorbent wiping cloth and are known to be softer to touch. A broken-in rag is preferred in some lines of duty.

Recycled wiping rags are a more affordable item because their low cost price per cloth is less expensive than buying a “new” towel or rag. Saving money on your supplies is always a smart way to go if your business can use a reclaimed wiping rag option for its needs.
Also, if you are going to toss out the rag after use, then a recycled wiping rag might work best for you. You definitely don’t want to be throwing away new rags. So if you have a messy job, it’s not as painful on your wallet to throw away a reclaimed wiping rag, but do try to use it a few times before you dispose of it.

You are also helping our planet by choosing a recycled option. They reduce space in landfills, reduce carbon emissions and create an industry of jobs.

What to Consider When Buying Recycled Wiping Rags

Ask yourself if the rag’s outward appearance is important for its function. If not, a recycled rag is the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice! If the rag is going to be used in the shop for dirty jobs then go with a recycled or reclaimed wiping rag. If you are opening a new restaurant a new rag option may be more appropriate and more presentable. If you are a painter and want a smooth virgin rag, then a new white knit rag is the item you are looking for.

In terms of longevity, a new rag will last longer than one that has been reclaimed. If you are looking for something bright and new then a new wiping rag may be the way to go. Our entire line of both recycled and new rags are available on our website. Give us a call directly with any questions (866) 922-7247.

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