Have you said no to using paper towels in the kitchen yet? Replace those paper towels with wiping cloths!

Didn’t even cross your mind or you’ve been on the fence about it? Let’s go over two big reasons to switch from paper towels to wiping cloths in the kitchen.

Wiping cloths are reusable while paper towels and other absorbent papers were born to die. The short life of the paper towel has a direct effect of being less environmentally friendly than its nemesis the wiping cloth. The second reason is to save you some cash. Might not be a fortune right away, but over time the savings add up by not purchasing paper towels.

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Being conscious of our environment is an important part of sustaining the future. We can argue that both have production and transportation costs but the paper towel, after one use, ends up at the dump. It’s also common to use more than necessary on a spill. However, we can all start taking steps to become as waste free as possible and use products that are reusable.

Alright, time to put down the absorbent paper and learn how to save some bucks…

After much debate we decided the average cost of a roll of paper towel is $1.00-$1.20. By searching the web we learned that the average family uses at least two paper towel rolls a week. Larger families can be known to use even more. A good wiping rag in the kitchen will last for at least a year, or more if washed correctly. So if you eliminate the use of absorbent paper from now on you will definitely save some money in the long run.

If you are not convinced about switching, at least pick a paper towel brand that is environmentally responsible or uses recycled products to make their paper towels.

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