Yes, it is true there is nothing quite as exciting as a terry cloth except for a recycled terry cloth.

Our recycled terry cloth may not be as hyped as the microfiber rag, but stands its ground on the wiping cloth front as one of the most popular. It’s at a great price point if you are looking for a dependable wiping cloth for the job. They have great absorbent qualities and make for an all around great wiper.

Recycled Terry Cloth towels are thick and fluffy which makes them great for covering spills. Most of our recycled terry cloths come from recycled bath towels. These types of towels have woven fabric with long loops, the key to absorbing water. Think of getting out of the shower and how that bath towel gets all the water off you. Most of the recycled terry cloths are 100% cotton, but can also contain polyester blends in some.

These wipers are good absorbers where a heavy duty cleanup is needed. They become a great option when you need an inexpensive wiper that needs to be tough. Terry towels are easy to clean and handle a washing well.

We offer terry cloth towels in several options.

New White Terry Bar Towel

Product shot white bar towel

Recycled Colored Terry Towels


Recycled White Terry Towels


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Other Options

If you are looking for a smaller quantity of recycled terry cloth or any other rag or are located out of the area we still have you covered. Please give us a call if you have any questions our friendly staff is here to help. We have been supplying businesses with the best wiping rag options since 1932.