Are surgical towels and huck towels the same?

Surgical towels, also referred to as huck towels, are a long lasting low lint cotton towel. They come in different colors but commonly they are blue, green or light blue. A surgical towel usually has smooth sides and stitched edges. Not only are these towels popular at the hospital but they are also popular in the cleaning sector as well.

What are surgical towels used for?

These towels are used in a surgical setting, hence the name. By definition the surgical towel is a sterile drape used to cover the body while surgery is being performed. Being they are low lint they make a great wipe to clean sterilized surgical instruments. They can also be used in surgery to cover certain areas of the patient.

Example of recycled blue surgical towels

What is the longevity and durability of a surgical towel?

Later in life these wiping cloths turn into recycled towels used for window cleaning, mirror cleaning, surface cleaning or cleaning anything that requires a lint free surface. Many car dealerships use recycled towels because of their washing durability. They are also a top pick for a housekeeper or house cleaner needing a solid wiping cloth. These towels can be washed over and over while still maintaining their benefits. Some experts suggest using only half the normal amount of detergent.

With the ever increasing movement to be more eco friendly we are seeing more individuals using these towels in their own homes as a replacement for the paper towel. Why go through rolls of paper towels when an environmentally friendly option is available? Both new blue surgical towels (or huck towels) and recycled blue surgical towels are available at A&A Wiping Cloth. If you have any immediate questions, then feel free to pop on over to our Frequently Asked Questions page.