Positive cleanup outcomes for the aerospace industry begin with wiping rags and towels from A&A Wiping Cloth. Our Aerospace Rags help you soar to new heights!

Those who work in the various production facilities that support the aerospace industry have no time for a rag that doesn’t do the job. There is too much riding on the positive outcome of the work they do. That is why aerospace professionals keep ordering from A&A Wiping Cloth. Our products are reliable because we are reliable. Period.

What do these professionals use? If they’re concerned with lint, they are likely using either a New White Knit or Recycled White Knit, t-shirt like material. They absorb well and leave nothing behind. Microfiber Towels (also available in pop-up packaging) and New Diapers or Recycled Diapers are likewise used for such low-lint environments. And one of the most consistent and trusted rags used far and wide in the aerospace industry is White Sheeting. All of these rags are perfect for plane maintenance, paint departments, and overall cleaning and repair for all forms of aircrafts and helicopters.

All of these wiping cloths will do an amazing job for your application.  You can rely on them, and on A&A Wiping Cloth!

Wipers and Rags for the Aerospace Industry

Below are some wiping cloth options that we feel work best for your industry and application!