Los Angeles is California’s most populous city and its home to more than 244,000 businesses. The county has become the top international and manufacturing center of the nation. So although we are known as the entertainment capital of the world we do some other cool stuff too.

Seven Target Markets of  the Los Angeles Business Growth Plan

There are seven target markets in the city’s economic development strategies are placed around. Businesses in these high-growth industries are considered to be the most rapidly growing in the local economy.

  • Health Care Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Trade and Logistics

  • Leisure and Hospitality

  • Film and Digital Media

  • Bioscience

  • Construction

A&A Wiping Cloth’s Involvement with These Sectors

A&A Wiping Cloth has been providing wiping cloths and rags to the Los Angeles market since 1932. We have seen a lot change over the years, but businesses need to buy rags hasn’t changed much. There is always a never-ending need to clean things up (spills, paint, oil, grease, glass and so much more). We are proud to offer a number of wiping cloth solutions and rags to each of these industries of focus and high growth. Whether it is surgical towels to the janitorial industry or recycled color sweatshirts for construction clean up, we got the city covered. Wi