• STEP 1

    Determine what type of wiping rag you need for the job.

    Selecting the right wiping rag is dependent on the job and industry. Some websites list the best rag by job and/or industry. Once you have an idea what rag you need you are ready to shop.

    Things to think about when choosing the right wiping cloth for the job:

  • STEP 2

    Get a good price.

    Don’t overpay for your rags – it sounds simple but it’s sometimes overlooked. Make sure the quality lines up with the price point. Sometimes low-cost rags are low-cost for a reason.

    Most online suppliers will give you a cost per 25lb and 50lb box. Larger suppliers also offer compressed bales of wiping cloth upon request in the 25lb/50lb increments. This is great if space an issue, because compressed bales take up 45% less space than a boxed order.

    Don’t forget to factor in the shipping cost and make sure they are in line with the next guy.

  • STEP 3

    Check for quality before you buy.

    Once you receive your order check it over. Do the piece sizes look good? Is the material clean and sanitized? Do any of them have rips or bad seams? Did you get the right amount by weight? The order should actually weigh a small amount more with the packaging.

    If they aren’t disposable rags check for how long they last after continuous washings. It may take time to get an accurate read on the quality.

    Remember Quality Counts!

    • Right amount by weight
    • Immediate quality inspection
    • Quality over time after many washings

    Once you have found a good company online to buy rags from you should feel confident and consider using them long term.

  • STEP 4

    Source a place to buy your wiping rags.

    You can buy wiping rags from most companies directly online. A&A Wiping Cloth makes the process as easy as possible for you with packaging and delivery options easily available while purchasing online. Visit A&A Wiping Cloth to start shopping today.