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Absorbent cotton wiper

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A&A HEF A&A HEF (Non-Woven)
HEF (Hydro Entangled Fibers) wipers are non-woven cloths that have tiny holes or apertures. They are very absorbent, solvent resistant and uniform in size.

Perfect For

Fiberglass applications


Personal wiping


A&A Micro Fiber A&A

Micro Fiber
Manufactured from man-made materials, Micro Fiber wipers are highly absorbent, uniform in size, just the right wiper for certain janitorial applications.


Perfect For

Spill cleanup

General uses


A&A A&A A&A Waste
In the manufacturing process of cotton apparel, threads become the byproduct. These threads are available in colored and white, and in varying degrees of softness, and are called waste.


Your special application


DRC (Double Re-Creped) wipers are soft yet strong for wet surface wiping and cleaning. It has a cloth like feel and is soft enough for personal use.

Light-duty maintenance


Janitorial wiping

Foodservice Towels
Fast absorbing material that is durable and strong when wet. Foodservice towels are a cleaner alternative to cotton cloth towels. Food particles don’t stand a chance in this towel.

Table cleaning

Kitchen cleanup

Various foodservice applications

A&A Light Duty Wipers A&A Light-duty wipers
Sometimes a light weight wiper is all you need. Light-duty wipers are made for everyday wiping tasks that require absorbency without the bulk. Available in various package types, including center pull rolls.

Perfect For

Small liquid spills

Glass surface cleaning

Retail store maintenance

Field utility wiping


A&A Gloves A&A Gloves
Can your glove pick up a coin? Our gloves feature outstanding dexterity and great grip. Available in various constructions to accommodate your specific needs. They are even comfortable!

Perfect For

Automotive assembly

Glass and material handling


General maintenance

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